Track Review – Frankie Sinatra / The Avalanches

We waited 22 years for My Bloody Valentine to follow up Loveless, there was 34 years between the Stooges’ Raw Pawer and the awful The Weirdness and now the wait for the Avalanches next album has finally come to a close. Why are the Avalanches so beloved and why is Wildflower so sought after? It’s probably because they don’t sound like anything else. They aren’t known for their original sounds, but for combining so many samples that it breathes a new life into ancient hip-hop beats and vocal loops. However, instead of relying too heavily on those samples (which do play a large part in providing the refrain), but the verses are supplied by Danny Brown and MF Doom, both big names for the Avalanches to get on board.

Now, we’re not much for gangster rap, so tales of being pulled over by the police, giving a list of all the drugs Danny Brown has on him and sexual bragging is probably not going to be for us.The samples behind Danny Brown’s are very interesting though: wonky horns, Rocky punches, crowds singing, and then there’s even a horn interlude from ‘My Favourite Things’. It’s hilarious to see that sample, which you could describe as innocent, being lined up against ‘Like Frank Sinatra, bitch, I’ll do this shit my way’ from Danny Brown. Saying that, ‘Frankie Sinatra’ is one of the more original hip-hop songs floating around right now and that’s mostly down to the excellent sampling.