Track Review – Intern / Angel Olsen

Angel Olsen appeared in a surprise trailer for the new single ‘Intern’ a couple of days ago, and everything seemed very shiny and modern, even her hairGone was the lo-fi production of her last few albums, gone was the acoustic guitar and in its place is low synths that sparkle towards the end of the track. Due a refreshing of her sound, Olsen has made a synth-pop song that moves as slowly and as deliberately as something like ‘Iota’ or ‘Lights Out’. It’s exactly what you’d want to see Olsen evolve into.

Angel Olsen compares love with work. The key line is ‘something in the work will make a fool of you’. Olsen is saying that people come to a new place of work (a.k.a. love) with a resume (of past lovers) that makes them seem experienced, but in the end, nothing will prepare you for a new person and all their little habits and eccentricities that will make them a completely different experience from your past ‘resume’ of lovers. Maybe love is just too much hard work.