New Music – Are We Ready? (Wreck) / Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club’s debut, Tourist History, was a great album. They had singles like ‘What You Know’ and ‘I Can Talk’, which brought a feeling of speed into indie-pop. They dropped off a little bit for their second album, Beacon, which embraced synths more as the dominant sound, and ‘Are We Ready?’ looks to continue that trend. But the pace remains, especially in the tempo change at around 40 seconds in. There’s a bit of Foals in there in the jittery bassline, but there’s also some of the glitzy pop that the Wombats decided to try out on their last album. Two Door Cinema Club generally have a bit more substance to them, as well as some good instrumental ideas, plus they are a band who can work with the current flavour of pop (the scratchy guitar riff has Nile Rodgers all over it).