New Music – CIRKLON3 [Kolkhoznaya Mix] / Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin, or Richard D. James, has always been prolific. Whether that’s in the form of Aphex Twin, AFX or The Tuss, but he has recently returned to his most famous name to release some new music. It began with 2014’s Syro, before a couple of new EPs went under the radar slightly. His new EP, under the more pronounceable name (compared to his last few releases) Cheetah, has been teased with this pretty lengthy slice of music. Now, we’re not super knowledgeable about the millions of dimensions of electronic music, but we’ll categorise it in the few ways we know how. ‘Chill’ comes to mind. Much like the surprisingly digestable Syro, there’s no traces of ‘Come To Daddy’ here. Instead, there’s squelchy synths, bouncy synths and a bunch of the meticulously stabby beats that covered Syro. Now, we’re not entirely sure what ‘meticulously stabby beats’ means, and it sounds pretty pretentious, so maybe you should just listen to it. Yeah, do that.

Note: Extra points for letting 12 year-old Ryan Wyer direct the video. It’s something to behold.