New Music – Óveður / Sigur Rós

The most prominent thing about Sigur Rós’ new song is the electronic side of the band competing against their grand orchestral rock side. That rock side has usually won out, giving us albums like ( ) and Ágætis byrjun, but Sigur Rós have let synthetic drums burst right out on ‘Óveõur’, just past the 2:30 mark, when they turn into hissing pistons for the rest of the band to operate around. The ethereal bowed guitars and Jónsi Birgisson mostly lingers in the background until the predictably explosive ending. Sigur Rós’ crescendos have always been different from a couple of other post-rock bands, in that they don’t tend to up the pace as well as the volume, and in ‘Óveõur’, it’s more like one of those giant dustclouds that seem endless, slowly coming towards you. The electronic side of the band makes an interesting return, and with their old friend Radiohead combining orchestra and electronic music in the same year, why not have another?