New Music – Shut Up Kiss Me / Angel Olsen

‘Intern’ might have been the sudden left-turn first single, and while ‘Shut Up Kiss Me’ does return slightly to the sounds of Burn Your Fire For No Witness, there’s something different about it. Maybe it’s Olsen’s more confident vocals, or the glitzy guitar solo that has a lot in common with her new shiny hair that has been turning up in the last two videos. The chorus is genius, it has an innocence in the quick-fire of ‘Shutupkissmeholdmetight’ (that’s how fast it’s sung) and is just so catchy that it would be more impressive if you didn’t have it in your head by the end of the day. In the lyrics, Olsen is firmly taking control on a relationship where the other half is being passive, then comes the demands of ‘shut up kiss me’, and the knowing that she could easily make everything better, but she needs to know that the partner wants it to. It’s universal, and what’s more, it’s a great song too.