New Music – Um Chagga Lagga / Pixies

Pixies are back again with a new bassist, Paz Lenchantin, who doesn’t try to fill Kim Deal’s shoes and instead comes across as a more aggressive and frantic backing vocalist to Black Francis’ howling. The song is strange, as per normal for Pixies. The lyrics are like some kind of story where the protagonist is being chased, and from the sirens, it sounds like the police. Then there’s the chorus of ‘Um Chagga Lagga by the side of the road’ and ‘All night long I heard you moan’, which doesn’t leave much to the imagination. It’s not unusual for Pixies to incorporate sex and violence into their lyrics, and their holy trinity of sex, violence and religion is just one ‘holy fingers’ reference away. The instrumentation is a little basic, but the guitar tone is so clunky and heavy that it’s kind of endearing.