New Music – Ready For The Magic / Honeyblood

‘Ready For The Magic’ is Honeyblood’s first album with drummer Cat Myers, who has technically been around for a while now. That time that they’ve spent together for longer has contributed has pushed them from fuzzy pop into a darker and more aggressive rock band. Guitarist Stina Tweeddale and Myers act as dual vocalists on the chorus, with call-and-response vocals that are more like yells of defiance than statements. The confidence has grown, Honeyblood are now fully-formed. Myer’s response of ‘Voodoo, voodoo over you’ is so simple but effective, and then the catchy bridge of ‘Voodoo-do-do-do’ makes the song into some kind of cross between a 60s girl group and 90s alternative rock. Honeyblood were good before, but now they really have it.