New Music – Safe And Sound / Justice

I avoided Justice for a while. I didn’t know what kind of music they made, I didn’t know what they looked like, all I knew was that giant slab of a cross on their debut album, and the † that was the album title. Maybe I thought they were a metal band. There was a kind of mystery to it, and I liked that. So when I finally did listen to that album and heard a French electro-pop band that sounded like the obvious next step from Daft Punk, it was something of a surprise.’Safe And Sound’, the first taste of their third album, is more of that heavy dance music that doesn’t really fall into EDM, but hops around funk and pop. They favour live bass, or at least it sounds like live bass. And they really push that bass, it goes above everything and pops like a good funk song should. But then there’s lavish strings covering the top and a guitar solo that’s worthy of Tame Impala. It sounds like Daft Punk’s last album, and I dare say this is their shot at a ‘Get Lucky’. They have it in them, for sure. There’s still the mystery in Justice after you hear them, the vocals are distant and they mostly let the music do the talking, but they’ve become more forthright in it.