New Music – If I Ever Was A Child / Wilco

Wilco have recently been much more prolific, surprise-releasing their last album, Star Wars, which also happened to be free, and then last week released a song called ‘Locator’. This new single comes with the announcement of another album, Schmilco. The fact that they’ve actually announced it signals that this won’t be the surprise that Star Wars was, but maybe it has more staying power than that album, which I seem to remember was good but I haven’t gone back to it since the release. ‘If I Ever Was A Child’ is slow-paced Wilco, chugging along gently with an acoustic guitar and light touches of electric guitar, bass and drums. It doesn’t try to escape the pen of dad-rock that Wilco have unfortunately found themselves it, but makes good with what they have. However, the lyrics are very good. Jeff Tweedy can effortlessly reel off an ode to the anxiety of adulthood and the nostalgia for childhood again, when love didn’t matter. It feels like it isn’t from this time, like it doesn’t belong in an era of technology or so much knowledge about everything. It deserves to be a dusty singer-songwriter record from the 1970s. It has a faded feeling to it, even if it is a little bit dad-rocky.