New Music – Lost Youth / Lost You / How To Dress Well

I can’t believe How To Dress Well isn’t a bigger name in pop. He’s got a trendy sound – sort of a dreamy electronic vibe, plus a psychedelic side – an incredibly emotive and youthful voice that would slot onto pop radio easy, and lyrics that are accessible and emotional. Maybe it’s the name – it does sound like a punk band or a child of Kraftwerk. The idea is that Tom Krell compares lost youth with losing a person, he ages and loses innocence without them. The dreamy electro-r’n’b takes a left turn when a screeching guitar enters. Then, it turns into an 80s power-ballad, with so much (forceful?) emotion that it becomes a little bit over the top. You’d expect a song that was so cutting-edge to be hollow and easily digestible, but it has a beating heart. All it needs is trap beats and How To Dress Well is 2016 pop.