New Music – New Song / Warpaint

Warpaint either needed to go more dancey or more urgent on their next album if they were to follow up their sleepy, r’n’b-inspired self titled album. They needed something to liven them up. We got a taste of that with the one-off release of ‘I’ll Start Believing’, which suggested that they were experimenting with more immediate rock with a dreamy glimmer, but ‘New Song’ is all dance. Remember ‘Disco//Very’, a standout from the last album? It’s like that, point two. But the difference is the dream duo rhythm section of Jenny Lee Lindberg and Stella Mozgawa are playing a larger part once again, with Lindberg’s bass always being very forthright, but even more so in the context of dance music. It feels very 80s-inspired, like Lindberg’s solo side project has informed the band much more that it usually does, which isn’t a bad thing at all – she even has a larger part in the vocals, which is usually either Theresa Wayman or Emily Kokal. I can see some apprehension to the track for anyone that wanted Warpaint to return to a more guitar oriented sound, but experimentation was desperately needed. And experimentation is what we got.


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