New Music – C-Side / The Wytches

I always liked it when the Wytches went a bit goth-rock and sounded like the darker side of 80s rock dragged through grunge. Their debut album was solid, but they needed time to find a more original sound (aka. that gothiness that they needed to reach for more often). Thankfully, that comes along on ‘C-Side’, with its screeching synth/guitar/organ(?) solo and almost industrial gloom to it. Kristian Bell, their vocalist, pulls back from his screams on Annabel Dream Reader to a strained yelp. It’s more effective for the musical style of ‘C-Side’ and he actually sounds pained. The song doesn’t hit as immediately as something like ‘Digsaw’, but the subtleties make the Wytches more witchy. Now, they actually sound like their name.