New Music – Fast Silver / TOY

Toy got a lot more interesting when they collaborated with Bat For Lashes’ Natasha Khan on their Sexwitch album last year, which broke free of shoegaze revivalism for something a bit more untamed and tribal. And much like Khan on her latest album The Bride, TOY’s new album after the Sexwitch project makes minor changes on the old style, rather than the psychedelic pounding that they could have incorporated into their sound easily. Granted, there’s much less ‘swirl’ on ‘Fast Silver’, and it’s very easily to splice up drums, shimmering guitars, vocals and bass instead of what can usually be a splat of noise. There’s a synth that blares throughout that you can make out from the rest, and a bit of a cowboy swagger to it. It has more in common with classic blues-rock than My Bloody Valentine, and that’s very exciting. Minor adjustments, but necessary.