New Music – Told You I’d Be With The Guys / Cherry Glazerr

The last time we heard from Cherry Glazerr was last year’s punky Adult Swim single, ‘Sip ‘O Poison’, and even longer since their second album in 2014. ‘Told You…’ is one of the more expansive songs they’ve released, it plays around with classic rock solos, a thrashy outro and synths as well. If anything, it’s a culmination of everything they’ve played with up until this point. Frontwoman Clem Creevy swaps between ‘I told you! I told you! I told you I’d be with the guys’ in one of the most memorable vocals so far, before the softer ‘but I know better now than to be with the guys’. The song is about rejecting the default setting that a lot of indie rock demands – that it is a male genre and women who get involved need to be ‘with the guys’, and now that Creevy wants to be ‘With my ladies’ (also shouted from the rooftops), she has to completely turn around. If this is Cherry Glazerr-point-two, then it sounds a lot tighter, less lo-fi and a lot more ‘together’. It’s less ‘slackery’, and whether that’s better is up to you.