New Music – Sunbeams Through Your Head / Strange Ranger

Fresh off one of the best albums of 2016, Strange Ranger (who used to go by Sioux Falls) are already prepping a new EP to introduce themselves with a new name. Considering that their last EP, Lights Off For Danger  was like a condensed version of Rot Forever – and just as good – ‘Sunbeams Through Your Head’ sounds like the band pushing themselves further. It’s less punky, more spacey and gorgeous. The Modest Mouse comparisons are already rife, but if we have to throw another on the pile, this sounds like The Moon And Antarctica. The first verse is rooted in miserable reality, ‘you hate all your friends / they already know’ before the second goes more surreal, ‘saltines stain your breath / milky dread’, but it’s sparse lyrically. Instead, it opts for a semi-instrumental style, with slowly strummed electric guitars and harmonics. In this case, less is so much more.