New Music – Waste A Moment / Kings Of Leon

It’s weird to think that Kings Of Leon have now been a big arena band for more albums than they were an aspiring arena band. They’ve perfected a sound, even if it has become tiring to hear over and over again. And even if they promised to let go of some of those dad-rock-isms that covered Mechanical Bull and Come Around Sundown, ‘Waste A Moment’ is no return to garage rock basics, and it’s probably for the best – this sound does suit them. The Kings have always been good with feel good guitar-pop singles, that’s just their strong point. ‘Waste A Moment’ is the good single that ‘Supersoaker’ and ‘Radioactive’ were. It’s got everything you need in a modern Kings of Leon song – massive choruses, clean guitars, sparkly production, ‘Woah-ohs’. I don’t think you could ask for any more really, and at least it gets straight to the point.