New Music – Randy / Justice

Justice made a song for the summer with ‘Safe And Sound’, which was full of Flea slap-bass and RAM- style Daft Punk. That 80s-indebted style continues on ‘Randy’, which has twinkling synths that double up as funky organs and hair metal guitars. It’s a reasonably large slab of a song at nearly seven minutes, giving the duo an opportunity to mess around with interludes, string sections that will be familiar to anyone who heard ‘Safe And Sound’, but there’s always pulsating electronic elements behind it all. The chorus is another huge one – with the high pitched vocals singing ‘Don’t stop, work it out and try to make it / Randy, get yourself together’. Towards the end it begins to drag as Justice have already toyed around enough with the song, but there’s also a handy radio edit that cuts out some of the more experimental sections.