New Music – Whiteout / Warpaint

There’s so many sides to Warpaint at this point, that when they land on your favourite – mine lies somewhere between the danciness of ‘Disco//Very’ and the dance-punk of ‘No Way Out’ – it’s a special moment. If ‘New Song’ was the poppiest Warpaint have ever been, ‘Whiteout’ might suit fans of their self-titled album more. It’s more guitar-based, indebted to Jenny Lee Lindberg’s favourites the Cure with the strong backbone of a funky rhythm section. The song is stretched out, giving space to those guitar passages that made Exquisite Corpse most Warpaint fans’ point of entry, plus room for Lindberg and Stella Mozgawa on the drums to work around the spidery guitars. It’s less immediate than ‘New Song’, but that’s the intention. This second single rewards repeated listens and latching onto each instrument.