New Music – Grip / Pixx

It’s been over a year since Pixx released her debut EP, Fall In, and it’s pretty interesting to compare that EP with previous single ‘Baboo’ and the latest – ‘Grip’. The style of Pixx has become more interesting – in alignment with the dream-pop side of label 4AD, but maybe leaning towards the pop side and retaining a little bit of weirdness (think of what Grimes did with Art Angels)In ‘Grip’, that manifests in ambient synths, tribal drums and a high pitched hook of ‘Ay-ay!’. It’s stupidly infectious, but even when it grabs you towards those off-kilter sections, Pixx’s vocals come through with icy synthetic drums and you get thrown back towards a slice of 80s pop. It’s in that niche of art-pop where Pixx belongs, and ‘Grip’ is a step-up from Fall In last year.