New Music – Starboy / The Weeknd feat. Daft Punk

It sounds like a match made in heaven. There had been rumours that they had been working together, but The Weeknd dropped ‘Starboy’ out of nowhere only a year after his last album, with an eye-grabbing ‘feat. Daft Punk’ stapled on the end. And it does sound like ‘featuring Daft Punk’ rather than ‘featuring The Weeknd’. Maybe that’s the downfall of the track, that Daft Punk are relegated to the robots behind the curtain, never threatening to topple Abel Tesfaye’s rule over the track. Thing is, it’s like when Coldplay got Beyonce on ‘Hymn For The Weekend’ – if through some miracle you get Beyonce or Daft Punk to feature on your track, you let them go wild without them having to stick their name at the start. But despite all that, when the beats kick in at the start, it does sound like a very natural pairing, Daft Punk toning it down to subdued, dark synths instead of the 70s-inspired organic instrumentation of RAM. In that spirit, it is an exciting track for Daft Punk because they don’t recycle the ‘Get Lucky’ sound for easy chart success (This track is going to no.1 regardless anyway). The lyrics are slightly worrying, boiling down into bragging about sports cars, drugs and having multiple women. Try searching for any deeper meaning – I really wanted to find some ironic twist – but it’s nowhere to be found. The most interesting aspect of the song is the Daft Punk feature, and maybe a well-timed Brad Pitt reference.