New Music – Certainty / Temples

I remember Temples arriving with a 60s-psychedelia package well-formed, plus a frontman in James Bagshaw that looked eerily like Marc Bolan. It had some big singles like ‘Keep In The Dark’ and ‘Shelter Song’, so if they were anything to go by, ‘Certainty’ should be a monumental first single for their comeback. The way it sounds like about three songs in one is a bonus – it’s part Disney-soundtrack, part psych-rock and part anthemic pop. It rolls in a lot of elements in four minutes, striking out with a synth lead and a squelchy bassline that has more of an Animal Collective sound to it, or maybe an even better comparison is Tame Impala’s embracing of dance and pop. If Temples want to make psychedelic music that’s more danceable that’s something well within their capabilities, but clearly they want to aim for songs where people can also shout the lyrics back at them at festivals. James Bagshaw’s vocals are less disoriented and he’s allowed to explore his range a bit more. It’s a shame that that bassline from the start is completely reduced to nothing when the synth comes in, but the synth is a big deal – I get it.