New Music – Modern Act / Cloud Nothings

Dylan Baldi is one of those indie-rock musicians that graduated from bedroom-rock-pop act into something much more intense and physical, especially their 2012 album Attack On Memory, which was worlds away from songs like ‘Forget You All The Time’. Since then, Baldi has recruited an even fuller band, and on ‘Modern Act’ attempts to bridge some of the intensity of the last two records with their poppy side. It seems directly descended from 90s rock, from the breezy, jangly opening guitar chords and quiet-loud-quiet formula. Baldi criticises the ‘modern act’, he feels like living is just being overwhelmed by everything, gods and wars and ‘count your friends’. It’s not like he’s given up though, he wants a life, it’s just a completely unattainable ideal. It’s a switchup from the last record, and much more enjoyable for it.