New Music – Demagogue / Franz Ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand keep pumping out the songs, and as they get more displaced from the indie revivalism they originated from, they get more interesting. ‘Demagogue’ might not be part of a new album (It’s part of a 30 Songs, 30 Days campaign until the US election), but it shows Franz Ferdinand in hyper-political mode, not cautiously tip-toeing around the subject, but throwing out lyrics like ‘He’s a demagogue / He pleases my fears’ and ‘Feels so good to be dumb’. It’s hard to make a political song without falling into parody, especially if, like Franz Ferdinand, the band don’t mess around with metaphors, but maybe that’s the entire point. It’s a bit like saying the election has gone beyond being a joke, and now it’s dangerous. Franz Ferdinand put together a really good song for this compilation, extra points for the bassline and the extra vocals which sounds like a nation of people screaming – exactly like the election, right?